vintage buttons + Coraline! February 9, 2009

I was so lucky to see the world premiere of Coraline here in Portland last week, and it was amazing! I won’t give any secrets away in case you haven’t seen the film yet, but if you’re interested, I wrote up a post about the evening here at West Coast Crafty, and all my photos are here in a flickr set.

Coraline premiere!

So in honor of Button It Up, I wanted to spotlight some of the super cool button-related stuff that I’ve seen on the Coraline site and at the premiere! The ticket to the afterparty was this button key. If you’ve seen the film, it looks very very familiar…

Coraline premiere - the ticket and key to the after-party

I got to wear some of my favorite pieces from the book to the premiere: the Silver Spotlight button drop earrings, the Pearlescent knotted necklace, and Nicole Vasbinder‘s lovely Shades of Gray Evening Bag.

Me at the Coraline premiere

After the screening, we walked over to the afterparty (keys in hand) at the art museum. There were button-embellished luminaries to guide everyone over, through the park — a really cool and spooky series of path markers.

Coraline button luminary

Coraline button luminaries

The party was amazing — Laika had some of the most elaborate sets brought over from their warehouses and we got to see them up close, which was so cool. (More on that here.) There were also some fantastic spinning button-lights projected on the floor — I took this tiny ten-second video of one of them.

Speaking of videos, there are a ton of amazing crafty ones from behind the scenes of different parts of the film up on YouTube — and don’t miss this one on koumpounophobia (fear of buttons). And of course, you can do all kinds of cool button-crafts on the Coraline website! This beautiful poster is a free download,

Coraline vintage buttons!

you can make yourself into a button-eyed portrait, and if you have time to explore the site, there are all kinds of spooky rabbit holes to wander into there.

If you saw Coraline too, I’d love to hear what you think — or see your button portrait!

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