Geek meets craft in this fun collection of 25 kooky projects for geeks of any affiliation, from D&D dice earrings, Star Trek pillows, and Super Mario cross-stitch to Star Wars terrariums, a Morse code quilt, and much more! Organized by difficulty from "Not a Jedi Yet" to "Warp Speed," World of Geekcraft covers a range of popular crafting techniques including beading, quilting, appliqué, embroidery, and needle felting. Best of all, it's easy to get started with step-by-step instructions and handy templates included in the back of the book. With lots of photos and plenty of geekery throughout, this one-of-a-kind book shows that geek and craft go together like...pixels and cross-stitch!

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Book Reviews

  • According to Charlie McConnell, a geek is made up not only of flesh and blood, but of awesome. I agree with this. Geeks are awesome. So is this book, World of Geekcraft. It has lots of awesome projects. Some are difficult and need time and effort to complete but if you use time and effort, the projects will come out...

    Andrew Mouet

  • A user-friendly manual to such “kooky” items as Dungeons & Dragons earrings, Star Trek pillows, and Morse code quilts. Beal is no stranger to hipster DIY, and she possesses a talent for imparting simple instructions with a sense of fun. Filled with color photographs by Jay B. Sauceda, World of Geekcraft offers readers an inspired excuse to let their crafty...


Kayte Terry and Adam Louie
Er-Geek-Onomic Wooden Mouse Pad by Adam Louie + Kayte Terry

Bonnie Burton
May The Force Be With Your Glue Gun by Bonnie Burton

Chelsea Cain
In The Future There Is Only One Girl... by Chelsea Cain

Renee Asher
The Resurgence of Atari and Nintendo by Renee Asher

Kim Mohan
The Craft of D&D by Kim Mohan

Ruth Suehle
Costuming by Ruth Suehle

Katin Imes
The Craft of Second Life by Katin Imes

Pete Bejarano
MIDI by Pete Bejarano

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Diagrams: Alexis Hartman
Photography: Jay B Sauceda
Design: Cody Haltom
Illustrations: Will Bryant