at the top of my wish list February 9, 2009

I bought some valentines and a coffee cozy at yesterday’s Crafty Wonderland, and while I love what I got, I spotted something else that I just can’t stop thinking about…

Barack Obama portrait on velvet

Jennifer Kenworth, aka Juanita, has unveiled some new and magnificent black velvet paintings, including that fantastic portrait of Barack Obama on election night! I have always loved her stuff, but wow. It is sharing the #1 spot on my wish list with Ryan’s portrait of John McLoughlin. I saw them back-to-back this weekend and the combination was really something. Also, next to Barack is a brand-new screenprinted-Gocco-sewn Mr. T collaboration between Cathy and Levi.

Here are a handful of Jennifer’s other paintings from the sale…

Juanita's black velvet paintings

You can also find her new black velvet jewelry and smoking jackets on her site and contact her there… she also does extremely cool commissions. My favorite custom piece of hers is this one of Cathy, Greg and Levi in front of Mt. Hood!

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