fingers crossed over here… November 4, 2008

fingers crossed over here...

I’ve got about a half-hour before I run over to the museum for the crafty panel thing and just wanted to say hi! We’re crossing our fingers and waiting patiently until some polls start closing and some results start rolling in… Pearl is wearing her beautiful hand-screened shirt from Rachel that we saved just for today, and we have her Obama-circle union suit all set for the inevitable switch at some point!

In the meantime, I’d like to take a minute to say thanks so much to everyone who’s stood in line, voted early, voted absentee… or is about to. We get our ballots by mail here, three weeks early, and I can attest that voting in your living room is a luxuriously easy process. So a huge thank-you to those who made the effort, whether it was weeks ago or on the big day!

To celebrate voting, Lee is offering an awesome thank-you as well: a rad PDF she’s put together that’s full of craft projects like a flared knitted hat pattern and an applique project, a hand-drawn card and a mac-&-cheese recipe collection. Just leave a comment on her post (details over there) and she’ll send it to you ASAP.

Hope to see some crafty folks at the museum so we can pass the time together… see you tomorrow!

p.s. Though I’m not in California anymore, I’m sending some good thoughts south — just another happily married person with her fingers crossed that folks will Defeat Proposition 8!

update: the museum event was so cool and I was really grateful to be asked to participate — the crafts conversation was so interesting. Unfortunately, I had kind of a perfect storm of bad luck unfold… Andrew was planning to come along to take care of Pearl and suddenly had an unbreakable work meeting come up right beforehand, so I had an unexpected lapful of baby to deal with. Worse, she got really sick halfway through the hour, which was stressful to say the least, and I had to vanish to take care of her. I’m so disappointed about not being able to stay, and really sorry about all of it. On a happier note, now that we’re home she’s resting and seems much better so that is a huge relief.

back to the waiting and finger-crossing…

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