keeping my campaign promises November 5, 2008

Okay, a personally stressful day gave way to a politically amazing night! I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I sewed this hope flag up this morning using the last print I had from Josh and Sarah‘s awesome Screenprinting for Change party! All the t-shirts and onesies found homes, the ones we kept for ourselves have been on heavy rotation, and this one last piece of fabric was still patiently waiting for me. So the morning of November 5 seemed like the perfect time for one last round of celebratory porch-decorating!


The pennants and sign I made with Lise‘s help survived three weeks of rain and Halloween night, so things are looking pretty festive around here!

Pennants galore!

I promised last week to re-print my Gocco election postcards in a new colorway to celebrate if we got an Obama victory, and I’ve never been so happy to keep my word! I will be sending one to everyone who commented on those posts, and if you’d like a card too, just comment on this post and it’s yours. Here’s the original from the party, from the first run, and I’ll be picking out some brand-new colors for the sequel.

My gocco postcard from the party

Thank you for the comments, the emails, the temporary tattoos, the text messages, the pictures, the screenprints, and for giving me so much hope these last long weeks.

Yes, we did!

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