my day of the dead altar, on the mantel this year November 3, 2008

With Pearl’s Halloween costume finished (thank you for the sweet comments!) I finally had a minute to think about making my day of the dead altar. We’ve lived in three different places in the last three years, so I don’t exactly have a traditional place for it — but now that we have a fireplace with a mantel for the first time, it seemed like a perfect spot to decorate instead of setting up a table somewhere. I did a pretty simple version this time: five family photos of my grandparents, my aunt, and my dad, each adorned with candles, flowers, charms, sugar skulls and chocolates. I brought Pearl around to each person’s picture and told her all about them, and what I think they each would have loved best about her if they’d gotten the chance to meet her themselves.

my Grandmama

Just like every election year, I am leaving the altar up a few extra days; I know everyone would have absolutely loved to find out what happens.

everybody would be pretty excited about him!

And on a sad note, my heart goes out to my friend T., and to Barack Obama and Maya Soetoro-Ng, and each of their families on the loss of their grandmothers yesterday. I added two extra candles to my altar in honor of them.

my MeeMee

My dad and my aunt

my Add

My dad (with my mom just before they got married)

sugar skulls and charms and stars

flowers from Olvera St.

I have more details about everything in this flickr set, if you’re curious. And if you want to share photos of your altar, I would love to see them!

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