Monday round-up August 6, 2007

Well, today (August 6) is the day that the new Adorn is actually on newsstands (yay!) — though I enthusiastically blogged about it on Friday, so my apologies if anyone went running to the store and didn’t see it out. To make up for any confusion, here’s a JoAnn Fabrics sale code I just got an email about, good for 50% off any one item on their website through Thursday 8/9: just enter AUGE750 at checkout.

There are a couple of other things I wanted to mention too — hope you don’t mind the round-up format…

Like everyone else in the 503/541/360 neck of the woods, I went to the new Portland Ikea recently with my friend Jacinda, and I have to give major props to their textiles department. Patricia, who works there, is super nice and gave me some great advice about which curtain rings to use with my fabric choices. She also mentioned that they’re getting new and bigger cutting tables soon, and some new fabrics in the not-too-distant future.

Here’s the store entrance, with huge swags of material hanging from the ceiling. I bought the two Katrin fabrics on the left — the red-and-white print Action Hero Melissa picked up as well, and the navy branches print next to it.

Patterns Portray Power

I snapped up three different fabrics (those two and a gorgeous solid green) for $5.99 a yard — for 58″-wide home dec material, those are pretty amazing prices.

the fabric department at Portland IKEA

They also sell inexpensive sewing thread matched to the same dyelots as the fabrics, which was so handy — I bought the top package which was the perfect red, navy, and green for my three finds. Fabric prices range from $3.99 to $7.99 a yard.

More IKEA fabrics

Within an hour of getting home, I stitched up some super-simple bedroom curtains with the branches fabric — I just backed it with another piece of itself, so anyone who happens to be passing by can admire our taste in curtains, too. I snapped this photo during the day so light is streaming through the ghost pattern branches on the back, but the print is asymmetrical (it only repeats vertically on the right), which I think looks really nice.

New bedroom curtains

It’s surprisingly hard to take good pictures of curtains! But I love how these came out.

Last, Leslie e-mailed me that the San Francisco Craft Mafia is having a shindig this Sunday at Stitch Lounge — so be sure to stop by if you’re in town!

SF Craft Mafia Tips and Treats!

There will be jewelry, sewing, and cupcake decorating stations — sounds like so much fun! Too bad I’ll miss it by a few days, I am heading to San Francisco next week.

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