the fall Adorn is out! August 3, 2007

I just got my copy of the fall Adorn, and it looks so great — I love it. Plus, since it just jumped up to a bigger page size, there are more projects and features than ever!

Kayte Terry made these plastic-canvas candleholders that grace the cover:

the new Adorn

I have several pieces in the issue — I wrote up my usual Crafty News and Notes column but like the mag itself, it’s super-sized now!

Seen and Heard in the new Adorn

I got to cover six new things I like in the world of craft, and include more photos than ever.

Seen and Heard in the new Adorn

I also contributed a feature on my all-time favorite three craft sites, getcrafty, craftster, and supernaturale. Since I’ve met so many cool people through the forums, it was such a pleasure to interview the founders and editors about how everything got started, and talk to crafters about their favorite features, too. The lovely illustration is by Amanda Woodward.

Type Hype in the new Adorn

Last, I reworked some broken jewelry and vintage charms into a new black-and-white two-strand necklace for the “Lost and Found” piece, along with the super-talented Linda Permann and Jennifer Perkins. (That’s Linda’s piece on the left page, and mine on the right.)

Lost and Found in the new Adorn

There’s so much cool stuff in this issue! I also loved Linda‘s patchworked sweater ottoman, the “One Chair, 3 Ways” feature starring Holly Becker, Gregory Han, and Kayte, Tricia Royal‘s remix_redux column, and the interviews with Alicia Paulson and Wendy Mullins.

Make sure you pick one up soon! Julia asked yesterday where to find Adorn, and I’ve seen it at both Borders and Barnes and Noble here in town… but now you can order current and back issues off their site, too.

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