Etsy + Instructables = Sew Useful June 21, 2007

the Etsy/Instructables Sew Useful contest

Etsy has teamed up with Instructables for a new crafty contest: Sew Useful. It’s also a fundraiser for the One Laptop Per Child organization (Etsy is donating all fees plus $1 per entry). And the deadline has just been extended to July 16 so you have plenty of time to dream up something good! I’ll let Etsy explain the general idea:

“Entrants will bring their skills to practical projects that make life easier, then share the how-tos. Because Etsy is a community marketplace for independent artists and craftspeople and Instructables is a web community of makers who share homebrew how-tos, we figured this contest would be an excellent endeavor. Etsy is all about bringing your ingenious creation into the world. When you add the Instructable tutorial, you further help out humankind by passing on the know-how. What better way to live the handmade lifestyle and sharpen your competitive edge?”

All the info is here, and winners in each of three categories will get fabulous prizes: Singer QUANTUM(r) 9940 computerized sewing machines, Leatherman knives, and Etsy gift boxes. I can’t wait to see what everyone makes!

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