Everything Must Go June 23, 2007

I meant to post this yesterday before things got super busy and Friday rapidly disappeared into the rear-view mirror, but if you are in LA, please check out the lovely “Everything Must Go” opening at Glu Gallery tonight! The details: 7424 Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles, from 7-10 pm.

Everything Must Go

My dear friend Stacy Elaine Dacheux has two paintings in the show, it should be amazing. Congratulations, Stacy!

Here on the Portland end of the spectrum, I just walked over to an estate sale two blocks from my place and found a few cool things. If anyone is looking for a nice house, you can snap this one up for a mere $669,000. Is it crazy that I still feel shock at my first glance at house prices in the Portland 2.0 real estate market? Shouldn’t I have gotten used to it by now, along with the pancetta and sweetbreads on virtually every nice restaurant’s menu, and the artisanal liquors at hipster bars next to the PBR? I guess I haven’t, despite the fact that I myself am living in a brand-new loft apartment and regularly ordering zinfandel and pinot grigio by winery name instead of the cheapy house whatever. Anyway! Back to the estate sale…

I spotted a page-long list of people’s names crossed off by the door, so I’m sure the dealers had their way with this one before I was even awake this morning. But I still found some little treasures. These people collected things that nicely tie in with my obsessions so I was really pleased to find some of these bits and pieces. Thanks, people!

I got this pretty little collection of handmade rosettes and flowers plus this colorful thread for $1:

Vintage flowers and rosettes from an estate sale

vintage craft supplies (including this amazingly packaged construction paper, still bright and pretty) and buttons for $3.50:

Vintage buttons and construction paper from an estate sale

vintage sheets, tablecloths, and tea towels (this one is a souvenir of London), $6 total:

Vintage tablecloth, sheet and tea towel from an estate sale

Mt. St. Helens-icana, $2 (the whole day-after-the-first-mini-eruption Oregon Journal pullout was saved intact!):

Mount St. Helens: A giant awakens

and this Jantzen sweater box. Love Jantzen! I remember when they closed the factory… that was a sad day.

Jantzen box from an estate sale

I love the word “sunclothes.” Don’t you?


Now, to find somewhere to put all this stuff…

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