Gocco printers for sale at Paper Source! June 20, 2007

My friend Megan tipped me off to the big news that after a long and uncertain drought, Gocco printers and supplies will be available at Paper Source here in the US as of June 22! You can also pre-order any Gocco item by calling 888.727.3711. I’m not sure which printer model they’re selling, but since it costs $395 I’m assuming it’s a fancier/larger-print model. I have a plain B6 that I love to pieces but it doesn’t have any bells and whistles (like mechanisms to set the paper exactly the same way every time you print, which would be nice). They also have tons of ink colors, plus bulbs and screens, so you can restock all your supplies, too.

Anyway, to celebrate I thought I’d link the ever-wonderful Gocco flickr group and post a photo of my very first Gocco screens from last year: skeletons and scissors!

first-ever gocco sheets!

I liked the designs so much that I turned them into the sugar-scrub jar labels for my CRAFT: 03 how-to article, “Balms and Bubbles”:

three sugar scrubs

So if you’ve been hoping to get your very own Gocco printer, looks like now is the time!

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