happiness is… May 28, 2010

a vintage sheet patchwork swap!

vintage sheets - received

I am so excited about the pretty, colorful package that just arrived from Katie, who organized the second Vintage Sheet Swap — perfect timing to receive on about the hundredth gray, rainy, dreary day in a row. I really needed the colorful pick-me-up! I sent in ten vintage sheet fat quarters and got these lovelies back from swappers all over the place. Katie was a magnificent organizer (with a super cute Etsy shop) and the variety of prints I got back is so cool — totally surpassed my expectations!

my two favorites

These two are my favorites of all, I was beaming when I saw them. The pink one is a print I especially love, that I have had in the blue/green colorway for years and have made many favorite projects with (like this sunglasses case for CRAFT:), and I have seen a photo of this other color palette, but now I own some! Heaven!

Vintage Sheet Revival in CRAFT: 05

And the blue is Vera… heart. I actually have the matching pillowcases in my linen closet, they’re total treasures.

vintage sheets - sent

Here’s what I sent. I was too frazzled to take a photo of my actual 10 FQs but these are the linens I cut them from: I sent one of the one on the left (lightest floral, this was the sweetest pillowcase), and three each of the three on the right. I really do like these four together, very cheery.

Last, I would like to sincerely apologize to my fellow swappers — I got horribly sick earlier this month (which is also why I haven’t been posting, like, at all) and was just down for the count, and bedbound. My package went out late and Katie was so cool about it. I’m sorry, everyone else! I hope you’ve all gotten your packages and that you love yours as much as I do… and that whoever got some of mine is happy, too. And wow, for those who sent in and received the maximum 80 FQs, you must be on pretty-print overload!

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

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