dresses, books and archives April 1, 2010

I’m taking a quick break from sewing Pearl’s Easter dress to post about a few things I’m excited about… first, the dress! After some major delays in getting started, I am stitching away and I love it so far. I really hope she wants to wear it on Easter Sunday. Right now her beloved Dishy Duds monster shirt is on heavy, heavy rotation and anything else must be bargained for fiercely. I did get her interested in wearing a shirt with a dog on it today, so I hope little flowers hold the same appeal…

Easter dress in progress!

I’m at that strange stage of vintage-pattern sewing where you’re joining a lot of facings in not a lot of open space and hoping it all smoothly fits together (and fits her, period.) Fingers crossed!

I just wrote this up for Geek Crafts today, but boy I’m thrilled about Bonnie Burton’s new Star Wars Crafts Book, which is coming out later this year! Check out all the sneak peeks and cool details over here.

The Star Wars Craft Book!

And thanks to Rachel’s latest post in the excellent Archive-Along series she’s posting with Diane, I made a google profile page today with links to my crafts, photos, writing, and upcoming classes all in one handy, streamlined place. Here’s a look at it:

my google profile

Since I have been soooo slow about updating my various websites, this is such a nice (not to mention free and easy) way to collect a lot of things I’m excited about in one place. Rachel has lots of tips and suggestions for building yours right over here if you’re interested, too!

p.s. If you’re in Portland, there are two extremely cool art openings going on tomorrow night (Friday, April 2). I’ll be posting more about them tomorrow morning and hope to see you at both of them!

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