chocolate crafting March 31, 2010

I got the chance to make some Easter treats at The Chocolate Craft Studio last weekend — thanks to Diane and Pam for setting up this lovely morning for us! You can see their sweet posts about it all here and here.

chocolate crafting!

The Studio is in a beautiful old house in North Portland, right on Williams (and temptingly close to the beautiful new Queen Bee world headquarters), and the owner, Peggy Alter, has invented some really wonderful chocolate and candy “craft supplies” for people to do all kinds of creative projects with. I took a few photos that morning, but since I spent 99% of my time crafting and embellishing and icing, Lee, Diane and Pam’s photos were much better and much more plentiful — you can see them all in this flickr group! (And if you make anything at the Chocolate Craft Studio, please join and add yours too.)


Peggy is supremely talented and has made a lot of amazing things! I loved this little rabbit that she whisked together for us from modeling chocolate. She also mentioned that she made a cake for the Rolling Stones while they were on tour in 1976… very cool.


Everyone made such great stuff — my absolute favorite was this lush and layered flower-pot arrangement that Diane made.


Heather made this adorable little chicken,

chocolate crafting!

and Sally made this little bunny a house and yard to play in.

chocolate crafting!

Her house inspired me to build one of my own!


I also made a few Easter treats for Pearl. Writing the letters of her name with the white-chocolate “glue” was a bit challenging but I felt that a final sprinkle of glittery luster distracted from the many edits I did. I loved the bunny especially!


Here is everything we made, in its full glory!


This would be such a fun set-up for a birthday party, a shower, a night out, or any other reason to celebrate — get in touch with Peggy if you’d like to plan a crafty-get-together of your own. And this week, she has special hours for Easter on Friday and Saturday, with some lovely projects to try. As a bonus, if you’re not local, she ships special chocolate kits for crafting right at your kitchen table!

The Chocolate Craft Studio
3936 N Williams Ave, Portland

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