a birthday present from CRAFT: January 11, 2010

Thank you to CRAFT: for posting up one of my favorite little projects from awhile back this week: felt needlebooks with appliqued covers!

two finished needlebooks

This was originally a Quick Craft project I contributed to their print issue 06, and they were nice enough to republish it on the site this month as a flashback. It’s good to see those little guys again! This is a super easy project, and a nice present for a beginning sewer (especially stocked with pins and needles and threaders).

wool felt needlebook

And today (in a nice coincidence, my birthday!) Natalie posted a little interview about my craft room with photos and a few tips and tricks for keeping my collection of craft supplies organized.

card catalog + fabric storage

Since I’m in full-tilt sewing mode on a big project right now, I can attest that my fabric does NOT look anything like that at the moment… so it’s encouraging to see those neat stacks and know I will eventually get there again. Someday.

two hangers with neatly folded fabric

Hope you are having a nice Monday… and thank you to CRAFT: for making mine even nicer! It’s pretty gray here today and this was a sweet and colorful pick-me-up.

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