goodbye 2009, hello 2010! January 4, 2010

Happy new year! I hope you had a lovely holiday season and plenty of black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day — we had three servings each, including firsts and seconds at Paschal’s in the Atlanta airport on our long trip back home.

happy new year!

After a busy December with lots of travel, I’m so happy to be back in Portland and reunited with my laptop and sewing machine. We spent the weekend organizing things and playing with Pearl and it’s really good to be home. I’m really excited to make some new things. First on my list are new bedroom curtains (from this Ikea fabric lined with blackout material. I’m so excited after more than a year of looking at bare mini-blinds) and some new pants for my tall toddler – she is in the 24m size now!

Speaking of making things… it’s been fun to do mosiacs of my favorite craft projects I’ve made every year, so I thought I’d try it again for 2009. (Here are 2007’s and 2008’s if you want to see. I’m apparently very themed year to year!)

Crafts 2009!

Most of my 2009 projects have tutorials up, either written by me or from someone else I can point you to… let me see if I can find them all.

First row:

covered button bracelet and ring,
button-embellished shoes,
row of buttons necklace,
and my button cupcakes and cookies (all button projects I did for CraftStylish).

Second row:
woodgrain baby clothes for CRAFT:,
big-eyed crackly owl for CraftStylish for Pearl’s Easter basket,
birthday pennants a lot like the wonderful ones in Amanda Soule’s The Creative Family,
and first-birthday bib made with simple appliques like this.

Third row:

my version of the retro shift dress from Christine Haynes’ Chic and Simple Sewing,
recycled hanging-plant pots,
family cookbook,
and mini-planters for CraftStylish.

Fourth row:

mini terrariums for CraftStylish,
felt veggie burgers (I think this is the only one without a tutorial yet),
solo earrings from Bead Simple,
and gossamer thread trees from Crafty Tree Trimmings.

And a bonus 2009 project: I was so thrilled to see my Kids Yoda Costume I made for Pearl pop up on the Best of Star Wars 2009 list! Wow! You can see the round-up post here and the tutorial here. Thank you again to Natalie for the great assignment and to Bonnie for the Star Wars love!

Hopefully I’ll be back with curtain photos soon too… maybe they’ll make the 2010 mosiac!

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