under her wing November 19, 2009

My friend Nicole pointed me to this beautiful whales gocco print from Kids Haus this week and I wanted to share it over here, too:

under her wing

Michelle of Kids Haus designed and printed this lovely piece in honor of her dear friend who passed away this year, leaving an 8-year-old daughter. Michelle wrote a very moving post about it, explaining that 100% of the proceeds from “Under Her Wing” will go directly to the little girl’s college fund. I ordered one this week for Pearl’s room, and there are five prints left if you would like to support her very sweet fundraiser too!

under her wing

I also wanted to say how grateful I am to the folks who have bought a copy of the Crafty Tree Trimmings ornament e-book. Our Project Linus donation is growing daily! And thanks to Diane and Patricia‘s arrangement to offer each contributor a share of the book’s sales, I was able to use my first payment this month to buy this print the same day — something that means a lot to me, especially as the mother of a little girl. So thank you, again, to everyone who has bought a copy. I hope you are enjoying it!

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