kitten finale! November 13, 2009

Just want to announce (a bit late) that Lee Meredith and Bridget Benton have unveiled their lovely craft projects to wrap up the free Knittn Kitten pattern parade!

Lee designed these extremely cool knitted zipper pouches — they are darling. I love the contrast vintage fabric lining.


and Bridget made a great series of pieces with repurposed t-shirts and crocheted doilies — this shirt she said was inspired by Crochet Adorned, and a scarf inspired by Generation T.

Bridget's free pattern for the Knittn Kitten!

All the project sheets are available at the shop, and even better for those who are not local, and probably very sick of these Portland-only posts — Diane is hard at work on turning our projects into a free e-book, which should be coming soon! I’ll post about that when it’s ready to go.

My new Pfaff during class

On another note, I just want to say again how much I love The Sewing Room (fka Sewing Center West). I bought my Pfaff from them two years ago, which has been a dream to sew with. Yesterday it freaked out for the first time ever, and this morning they fixed it for free in less than ten minutes and even carried it to the counter for me while I wrangled Pearl. If you are in the area and looking for a good shop to buy from, or get your machine tuned up (here is a coupon for that by the way), they are awesome.

Also, they are right next to a big giant Fred Meyer, and thanks to the race car shopping cart that Pearl loves to drive around the store for about four times as long as she likes to sit in a regular cart, I got all the ingredients for the sweet potato gnocchi with mushrooms and spinach in this month’s Sunset. Not the worst time my sewing machine has broken down on me, that’s for sure!

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