the case of the missing hip holster September 24, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, Pearl and I went out to Oscar & Albert with some friends for a toddler-friendly happy hour (I highly recommend the grilled cheese sandwich). Unfortunately, when we left I dropped my beloved hip holster with my wallet inside

hip holster + hip holster

on Division St. and didn’t notice until we got home quite awhile later. I called O&A and they hadn’t seen it, so I went right back up there, looked all around (it was pretty dark by this point), and asked at Petite Provence across the street… and a man had turned in my wallet, all cards intact (thank you!!) to the lost & found there. But there was no sign of my hip holster anywhere…

hip holster + hip holster

So, after one last look in the daylight this morning and no dice (I did end up getting coffee and a cheese brioche for breakfast, there are worse places to lose a favorite thing), I thought I’d ask around over here: were you on upper Division last night, and did you happen to see a well-loved battered hip holster on the sidewalk or in the street? Lucky for me, I am right around the corner from Queen Bee world HQ so I can replace it easily… but I loved that little bag, especially since Kate drew it for me.

Most importantly, a huge thank-you to the guy who found my wallet and turned it in! Let me know if I can get you a coffee or a cheese sandwich sometime!

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