Halloween crafting and statement necklaces September 22, 2009

I just got most of what I need for Pearl’s Halloween costume at Fabric Depot’s 30% off sale… I figured I’d carry on the tradition of posting some of my craft supplies

Pearl's Halloween costume - clues!
last year’s sneak peek – I made her a Harry Potter costume!

and seeing if anyone wants to guess what the costume I’m making her is!

Pearl's Halloween costume to be!

I’ll reveal all tomorrow.

On another note, Heather Mann* has unveiled her free Knittn Kitten pattern — for a statement necklace — and it is fantastic!


Just stop by the store this week and ask for the free pattern sheet at the counter — everything you’ll need is right in the magical Kitten inventory. Next week there will be a fantastic pattern up for grabs from Teresa Sullivan!

*another hint at what Pearl’s costume is if you’ve been reading my blog recently!

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