more terrariums May 13, 2009

One of the things I didn’t get a picture of was all twenty of my finished party-favor terrariums together before they went to their new homes (darn!), but thanks to Caitlin, here are two of them living in harmony together.

bunny + dinosaur terrariums!

I found the little bunnies and dinosaurs at the Decorette Shop, rounded up some moss from my neighbor’s yard, got my buddies to save empty baby-food jars for a few weeks, showed my ID and signed all sorts of forms in triplicate to buy a can of spray paint, and spotlighted some of my favorite vintage pearl buttons from the Kitten as a little topper for each one.

terrariums - top view!

I love how they turned out! This is an easy and fun little project that you could add your own favorite elements to, and it would be perfect to do with older kids (ie, not Pearl). If you’d like to make some of your own, I wrote a tutorial here which is based on Jenny Ryan’s excellent Mason Jar Terrarium tutorial for CRAFT:.

Speaking of making them, I have some of everything left over and I’m thinking of offering up some kits as prizes to my blog readers. Would anyone out there be interested in a build-your-own-terrarium set? If it seems like fun, I’ll write up a post in the next day or two with a chance to win some pearl-button terrarium kits!

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