cupcakes and cookbooks May 11, 2009

Pearl’s birthday party was so much fun! I finished all my craft projects in time (even with a very cool surprise side trip to Astoria in the mix Friday night), our dear friends came over to celebrate with us on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and she loved it all. Well, she didn’t like the cupcake icing so much, but I didn’t take it personally, she is more of a savory type and she did enjoy waving the carrot cupcake pieces in the air. Regardless, they were cute!

pearl button cupcakes

More on all that later…

Speaking of cupcakes, I made our family a gift for Mother’s Day this month: a family cookbook with all of our favorite recipes collected into one place.

my family cookbook for mother's day

I used an awesome blank book by Ex Libris Anonymous, found at the wonderful Q is for Choir, and I’ve been filling it with my most treasured recipes — plus lots of notes and pictures and additions in the sidelines.

my favorite cupcake and shortbread recipes

The button it up chocolate cupcakes and shortbread cookies had to go in, of course!

button cookies and cupcake toppers!

The how-to, which is super simple, is here on CraftStylish. Next, I’ll be adding our Mother’s Day French toast and Pearl’s first birthday carrot cupcakes recipes (and of course mentioning that the cream-cheese icing could go easier on the sugar next time!).

p.s. if you are in the mood to talk buttons, I wrote up our visit to the fabulous Oregon State Button Society show over at my book site today.

Oregon State Button Society Show

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