cookies and cupcakes March 26, 2009

I’ve had a chance to make some button-y treats to get ready for the Bolt party on Saturday, which has been super fun. I made up some sample magnets in some of my favorite colors…

sample magnets for Bolt

…and did some shortbread-cookie experiments to see what worked the best in terms of button alchemy. I loved the beautiful blue color of this glaze next to the white icing dots, but unfortunately it is not super-portable. I think dragging a few dozen of these across town would be harrowing — the glaze didn’t cool into a smooth, hard surface, it stayed sticky and soft. So those had to stay here and be eaten — not the worst side effect of kitchen experimenting.

Glazed button shortbread cookies

Next I tried a more practical button-cookie hybrid: the pink-sugar and multi-colored sprinkle method. This is a lot more transportation-friendly and I like the sparkly texture-y surface. It’s not the pretty, glossy glaze-y thing I pictured in my head but I think it’s cute! I used some red and some white fondant icing for making the holes and I like the contrast. This is a much easier way to make a whole bunch, too. A winner!

my first batch of button shortbread cookies

I’ll have a fun little how-to for button party bits and pieces up on CraftStylish to wind down Button It Up month, with the cookie recipes and details, plus some button cupcake toppers (I need to get some practice in for an upcoming first birthday) so you can throw your own shindig to celebrate your next craft night or finished WIP or whatever strikes your fancy. More on that on Sunday.

In the meantime, I hope to see you at our party at Bolt — please come say hi, have a cookie, and glue things to other things with me if you’re around on Saturday afternoon!

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