mending broken jewelry March 24, 2009

Thanks for the terrarium love! I had so much fun making those little things. I made a pizza yesterday and used about 1/10 of a glass jar of tomato sauce, and before I could help myself I had emptied the rest of it into a plastic container, just to instantly liberate the jar for terrarium-ing instead of having to wait til it was actually used up. And my Aunt Susan told me something so nice yesterday when she saw my post: my dad made that huge old green-glass terrarium at my grandparents’ house that I loved so much. I never knew that, and it feels like a very sweet and unexpected link back to him, now that I’m making some with Pearl in tow.

making terrariums with Diane

I’m excited to do some terrarium kits for my nephew Julian (I wonder if this fascination is genetic? we’ll see) and a few other friends I think would especially like them, and I’ll post some pictures of those too…

Today has turned out to be busy and filled with Pearl so I’ll just be quick and mention that I wrote up a new tutorial for mending your broken jewelry over at CRAFT:, if you have any snapped chains or bent earring wires or missing clasps to deal with.

mending jewelry: tools and materials
photo by Burcu Avsar + Zach DeSart, from Button It Up

I hope it’s helpful! Along with the photos and written instructions, I included two videos I’ve made, one on basic wirework I posted months ago and a new one on opening and closing jump rings. I filmed it last spring when I was 38 weeks along with Pearl so you can see a good glimpse of my pregnant belly at about the 4-minute mark, which I find hilarious.

Tomorrow, I’m excited to show my estate sale finds from last weekend! I go to so many that are eh, and this one was really something.

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