button stashes + book reviews February 27, 2009

I just announced the winners of my giveaway over at West Coast CraftyLyndsay and Hope won copies of Button It Up,

button stash #1

and miss james and essymar won button stashes!

button stash #2

Thank you so much to everyone who commented — your button stories and ideas and tips were really wonderful to read! So many of us fell in love with buttons as kids, and reading about other people’s favorite childhood memories of playing with buttons was such a treat, and so familiar too.

And I’m so excited that my dear friend and guest contributor Diane of CraftyPod posted the first-ever review of Button It Up today! She was kind enough to say, “I had a little glimpse into the making of this book, and got to watch Susan acquire insanely-beautiful buttons from all kinds of sources. I think that’s part of the fun of Button It Up – not only are the projects wonderful, you also get a huge dose of button eye-candy. Yum yum.” Thank you, Diane!

And right after that, I saw this lovely review from the Buffalo News, written by Home & Style Editor Susan Martin — a wonderful surprise. Thank you, Susan!

Button It Up review in the Buffalo News

See you next week, with more giveaways on some of my favorite crafty sites, and some updates here: resources, project extras, and more. I’m so excited that the book is officially out on Tuesday!

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