and the winners are… February 27, 2009

random numbers

I picked the random numbers yesterday but haven’t had time to post until now… so here are the four winners! Congratulations!

First, Lyndsay (51) and Hope (73) both won signed copies of Button It Up

Lyndsay said: “Congratulations on your new book! I can’t wait to see it when it comes out. And of course I’d love to win a copy! Buttons are super fun to get crafty with. My grandmother gave me a tin canister full of buttons from her and her mother (my great grandmother) so I have lots of old buttons to play with. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!”

Button It Up - table of contents

Hope said: “Oh, the book sounds fabulous. I’ve got scores and scores of buttons that I can’t seem to find enough uses for. I’ve got the old tin that my great-grandmother and then mother used to store buttons; I’ve got another stash that my best friend’s mom gave to me; more I’ve found at garage sales; and the odd few that I bought at craft stores.
Some of them I’ve sorted by color into baby food jars (which are just not big enough) and have them displayed on a tiered platter because they look good enough to eat.
Oh I can’t wait for the book to find more ways to use them. Hurray!!”

And miss james (62) and essymar (50) won button stashes!

button stash #1

miss james said: “my (now color-sorted) button collection has never looked so appealing…”

button stash #2

essymar said: “Congrats on the book! I love getting buttons at antique and thrift stores. There is one antique store here in my little town that almost always has something that will work for whatever little knit project I’m working on at the time. My most recent project involving buttons was a slew of snake shaped scarves for Christmas gifts with button eyes. It was fun looking for the perfect buttons to match the color and texture of each.”

I want to thank everyone for the really wonderful comments on the giveaway post. I loved reading them all — so many great ideas and so many sweet stories about crafty grandmothers’ button collections — which is exactly how I fell in love with buttons too. Playing with buttons and sorting them out and stirring them all up is one of my favorite memories of my childhood, and I loved hearing about other people’s too. So thank you!

And I will post more about this next week (when the book is officially out — yay!) but I hear there will be a couple more book giveaways coming up on a few of my favorite crafty sites… stay tuned. And have a great weekend in the meantime.

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