schmancy-ness from coast to coast! February 13, 2009

Kristen emailed me this week about the opening she’s hosting tonight at Schmancy, I will never forget you. It looks lovely! I wish I could make it up to Seattle for the show, but I’ll definitely be there sometime soon. It’s been far too long, I had such a great time at her Plush You! opening awhile back — could that really be the last time I was up there?!

One of the featured artists is Portland’s own Betsy Walton, and here’s one of her pieces from the show, I will not forget you:

i will not forget you - Betsy Walton - Schmancy

Kristen also sent over some photos from her opening last week (in New York — busy girl!), Forget-Me-Not at Gallery Hanahou. It includes some gorgeous embroidered work from some of my favorite artists, like Heidi Kenney, Jenny Harada, and Kayte Terry.

Forget-Me-Not at Gallery Hanahou

She and Kayte led a very cool crafty workshop as part of the opening weekend, which looked like so much fun…

Forget-Me-Not at Gallery Hanahou

Anyway, if you are not in either place (like me… sigh) you can see all the work from Schmancy here, from Gallery Hanahou here, and browse Kristen’s other fantastic finds at the Schmancy online shop. Happy Friday the 13th!

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