orla kiely crafty February 5, 2009

I went to Target this week for some household necessities but what I was really looking for was the new Orla Kiely home collection… and yay, there it was! If you’re in Portland, I had luck at the 205 location. It’s all on an endcap near the ironing boards upstairs, and they had a pretty good mix of the tan and brown colorways (no blue pieces when I went, bummer). I got two hanging bags, a desk tray, and a small tapered tote, which are all holding various craft supplies I especially love.

I wrote up more about the crafty storage end of things at CraftStylish, but I thought I’d post the photos over here too. I also got a laundry bag in the same pattern as the desk tray, which I haven’t adapted for crafty misuse yet.

Orla Kiely boxes - ribbon straw flowers + beading projects

Orla Kiely boxes - ribbon straw flowers

Orla Kiely boxes - beading projects

Orla Kiely hanging organizers - fabric storage

If you are also an Orla fan, have you seen this flickr group? There is some gorgeous stuff of hers in there! I am eager to see the kitchen + entertaining line in person (I’ve seen a sneak peek at trays, aprons, and some other cool pieces) — that apparently will come out in mid-February. There’s a lot of it up on eBay already too, tempting…

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