forty felt fortune cookies February 4, 2009

try saying that five times fast!

I stitched up a ton of these little felt fortune cookies for the play food swap Pearl and I are part of. I snapped some photos before I shipped them off to the organizer (bless her) and here they are!


forty felt fortune cookies

and packaged up, two to a person:

forty felt fortune cookies

I can’t wait to get a big box full of felt play food for me, I mean Pearl. That is going to be a good day! I’ll post another picture then. I have gotten some sneak peeks of some of the other crafters’ stuff and boy, it is super cute.

Like I mentioned the other day, the tutorial to make these little dudes will be up this weekend if you’re interested in a fun little afternoon project. I will point out that making say, six (which you can get from one 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of felt), is probably more fun than making forty, but it is a pretty gratifying to see all of them hanging out together.

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