election postcards, take 2 November 21, 2008

Hooray, my gocco inks and supplies came (from the highly recommended, super nice Northwood Studios) and Sarah, Caitlin and I are going to re-print my election postcards this afternoon! I’m excited to print another round. I’m heading out to get another paper color shortly… as much as I love red sparkle it’s time for a new celebratory combination.

My gocco postcard from the party

And afterwards the Blazers take on the Kings. More excitement! Pearl is already a big fan, although she’s not really allowed to look at the TV yet. I’m not sure how soon she’ll be going to a home game, either, though she did tag along with me for three of them last season.

go Blazers!

Hope you have a happy weekend. I’ll post some card pictures as soon as they’re ready, and I’ll start gathering up addresses and mailing them out the first of next week!

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