Thursday in Portland November 13, 2008

We had some lovely visitors this week — Mr. and Ms. A-Go-Go came all the way from Los Feliz to hang out! We went to Burgerville, Knittn Kitten, and the Little Blue Waffle Wagon, got rained on, got some sunny moments, and took some pictures… they are awesome folks.

Mr. and Ms. A-Go-Go

And here Jessica and I are with Miss Pearl. Man, I have some tiny eyes when I’m tired! To distract you from that particular feature, let me draw your attention to the sneak peek at my necklace, which is one of my favorite projects I’ve done for CraftStylish — the how-to will be up on the jewelry-making section this weekend.

Pearl, Susan, and Jessica not getting rained on!

Pictures of the Kitten haul to come… I found some great stuff, including 7+ yards of a vintage cheater print destined for a holiday gift project.

In one last bit of Thursday-ness, I wanted to mention that Rebecca Pearcy is offering 25% off any Chirp bag or wallet from her Queen Bee line. We were reading the paper this morning and I was horrified to see that a large manufacturer of children’s products ripped off off her beautiful bird design. Ugh! I am so impressed that she’s chosen to respond with 1) a good copyright lawyer and 2) by offering all Chirp pieces at a special discount for her customers through Saturday. I have a Chirp bag and wallet myself so I can attest to how lovely and durable they are — I’m a huge enthusiast! This one is possibly my favorite handbag, ever.

My new bag from Queen Bee

ps: thank you for the kind comments and emails about my sign getting swiped. I really appreciate them! I have a crafty plan and I’ll keep you posted.

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