mercury in retrograde? October 14, 2008

Okay, I have been struggling with my usually effortless camera –> computer picture transfer the last few days and so I don’t have any of the new photos I wanted to post! ugh. I’m not usually very on top of the timing of these things, but I heard someone mention that mercury was in retrograde so I’ll blame that. And if it’s back out again, I guess it’s just me. Speaking of astrology, I can’t stand the thought of a post with no photos at all so here is a picture of one of my prize possessions, a vintage Enid Collins Capricorn bag.

Enid Collins Capricorn bag

Anyway, hopefully I’ll get to post some of my favorites from helping out at Crafty Wonderland this weekend, and show some handmade stuff I’ve been working on too. But until then, here is a text-only update…

Today is the last day to register to vote in Oregon if you need to update your address, change your name, or register for the first time. Ballots will be mailed out starting Friday (!) so now is the time! You can use the Oregon Votes site or Vote For Change online or get forms at Obama headquarters, the DMV, or the library.

•And with or without pictures to prove it, I have made knitting progress (hooray) so I can reveal the Halloween costume: it is a Gryffindor scarf and Pearl is going to be Harry Potter! Congrats to the three correct guessers, and I thought the other ideas were so cute (autumn leaves, candy corn or a giraffe) that I will definitely save them for figuring out next year’s getup. After I finish the scarf it’s time to start sewing a little black robe and a felt broomstick. I’m not sure how or what I might be able to coax her into in the way of glasses, but I am definitely going to draw a little lightning bolt scar on her forehead…

•The ArtBeat segment on crafting in Portland is online now and it’s awesome! Definitely check it out to get a good peek at the cool women behind Crafty Wonderland, DIY Lounge and Queen Bee Creations. I’m really happy and proud to see my friends spotlighted in such a great piece!

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