halloween crafting, well, craft planning anyway… October 8, 2008

I can hardly believe that we’re well into October! Halloween feels like it’s right around the corner. I’m making a costume for Pearl (well, I should say that I have thought of a costume, and gotten the things to make it, but I haven’t actually done anything yet…) and getting pretty excited about it all. I’m wondering if anyone can guess what it is, based on this clue:

Pearl's Halloween costume - clues!

I’m going to start knitting it tonight during the Blazers’ first game on TV! The only hint I’ll give is that I’m a truly mediocre knitter so it’s not any kind of elaborate suit or anything, more of a garter-stitch accessory. I’ll post another photo once I’ve gotten started.

Speaking of Halloween, I made a monkey costume for CRAFT: magazine last year, and they’ve re-posted the tutorials for it and four other easy handmade kids’ costumes on their site! You can make a pirate (designed by Nancy Flynn), a bee (designed by Cathy Callahan), my monkey, a Lego or a sushi roll (both designed by Diana Eng).


The complete tutorials are here if you want to check them out! I loved making that little monkey suit. It’s definitely on tap for Pearl once she’s walking solo and carrying her own banana-treat bag.

monkey costume!

Okay, I’ll do my best to make some decent progress and post a crafty photo update… see you then!

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