243, 244, 245… 246! October 2, 2008

I wanted to report back on my Gocco postcard project from the other week: I burned sets of screens in two different map designs and ended up printing 400 cards, 100 each of these four colors. I loved the gold ink on blue, liked the silver and green just fine, and unfortunately my red, which came with the printer, is not aging super well — but it hung in there for its run.

My Obama postcards

We had a couple of Obama postcard-writing parties (all the pictures are here, if you are interested) and I think we collectively wrote about 500 cards total! A huge thank you to all the ladies, babies, kids, and man who met up to hang out and write cards — it was super fun.

Postcard party #2

And on Tuesday, Pearl and I sorted, stamped and counted up the cards we had collected from the group and sent off 246! Here she is with the very last one, a gold USA map.

243, 244, 245... 246!!

If you would like to write a few cards, the deadline for mailing them off has been extended to tomorrow, Friday 10/3 for Ohio, and next Friday 10/10 for Washington State.

As for me, I am so excited to get back into Goccoing. I think my next project might have to be prayer flags… or holiday cards… or maybe something for Pearl and the other babies on my list!

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