sad Adorn news April 15, 2008

As Kayte and Tricia also mentioned today, it’s finally official that Adorn magazine is no more. I’m really sad about it — it was one of my favorite magazines to write for, not to mention to read! I wish things had gone differently with it, but I feel so lucky that I got to contribute writing and crafts for the year and a half that it was out in the world… it was a lot of fun.

Adorn mosiac

The blog and site are now pretty much gone, but the flickr group is still active if you want to check that out for crafty inspiration. I was especially disappointed that the spring issue never saw the light of day — including an article I wrote on Jill Bliss and Amanda Soule and their super-inspiring studio spaces. So now I’ll just be writing about each of them in other places, including here later this week.

p.s. for anyone who has subscription questions — I’ve heard that you can try calling Soho at (877) 860-6164.

ETA: just wanted to link over to Linda’s post on the subject and echo her excellent advice — and I couldn’t agree more that it was a great experience, and a really nice thing to be part of and enjoy while it lasted.

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