(finally) settling into the house April 14, 2008

We moved in in late December, but this weekend was really the first time I’ve felt like we’re really settled into our house. We did a lot of rearranging and putting things up and away and now that our record player has been fixed and we can play records (yay!) it’s just feeling so great to be here… of course there is plenty left to do and not that much pre-baby time to do it in, but I am so excited to have even this much done.

We won this painting at the Buckman Bash this weekend, which was generously donated by the artist, Justin “Scrappers” Morrison — I love it! It’s already up in the dining room making me happy.

Painting by Scrappers!

And we finally got to focus on the living room this weekend after a few months of benign neglect and it’s so great to see some favorite things again. I’ll just post a few photos for now:

our big hutch in the living room


right side of couch with little table

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