collections and favorites January 7, 2008

Andrew and I unpacked a lot more stuff this weekend (including 40 or 50 boxes of books-!) and I had fun making some little arrangements of collectibles here and there. It’s been three years since we lived somewhere with enough space to have my favorite things out instead of mostly boxed up and I was pretty excited to unpack them and arrange them in little mixes! All the details are in the flickr descrips, just click on them to see what’s what if you’re interested.

In the kitchen:

Kitchen corner

Glasses and mugs and cups

In the dining room:

Dining room hutch close-up

Hutch in dining room

In the pink princess bathroom:

Whale in the pink princess bathroom

And on my dresser:

Top of my dresser

I have a ton of stuff to do today but after I cross enough work things off my list, I plan to attack the craft room again. I had a little light bulb moment, and I’m going to try to pretty up the blah cardboard boxes that fit into an Expedit so nicely. Let’s see if it works!

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