Bend-the-Rules donuts and prizes and quilts and babies and… November 12, 2007

Diane and I went to Amy Karol‘s Bend-the-Rules Sewing book party at Bolt last week and it was so much fun! As promised, Amy had plates of donuts out for everyone to enjoy and prizes for the first five crafters with completed projects in hand. I really love her book, so it was a lot of fun to come to her party and see some of the gorgeous finished projects

Amy and a plate of donuts at her lovely book party!

My lovely friend Daphne was in town from Seattle and brought in her beautiful lap quilt, which is shown off here with its handsome recipient, her nephew Henry, and a little corner of the fabulous prize she received: a Small Object needlecase and some of Amy’s beautiful notecards!

Daphne, Henry, and her Easy Lap Quilt

I got to see Melissa and Sam, meet Sally for the first time, and chat with Mariko, who had been back from Japan all of 12 hours or so at this point. Instead of falling prey to exhaustion and jet lag (as I am sure I would after that flight!), she was polishing off multiple donuts with impressive enthusiasm. I can personally attest to how fantastic the donuts were.

Mariko with her first and second donut

Amy was such a delight! I had never gotten to meet her in person until now, but she is the sweetest, loveliest person and it was so nice to get to say hi and chat while she signed my book. Thank you, Amy! If you’re interested, her super nice write-up and pictures are here.

Amy signed my copy!

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