Day of the Dead in the City of Roses November 1, 2007

I was just looking at my Day of the Dead post from last year, when I went to Olvera St. with Jessica and Cat (all my photos from our adventure are in a flickr set here).

sugar skull flags!

I like this one

That was such a fun day! I built my favorite altar ever last year, too.

the entire shrine

This year, I’m sorry to say that all my Day of the Dead decorations are at our storage space (which I didn’t realize until last night, of course) and I have a full workload and a long doctor’s appointment taking up far too much of my day today. So I created a little streamlined version this afternoon, which honors my dad and both my grandmothers.

My Day of the Dead altar 2007

The paper marigolds are from San Francisco, the papier-mache bird on the right was a gift from Cathy (who also made the hot-pink flowered napkin rings all around the front), and the center shrine is one I made to my grandmother three years ago. The wooden box is a project that my dad made in design school and one of my favorite things. I added a little cup of milk and a few chocolates for everyone right after I snapped the picture, too.

Last weekend, Jo and I visited the Day of the Dead festival in Oakland and got to see Deborah and Roxanne at Deb’s Chic Cosas booth, which was lovely! I took just a few photos but these two are my favorites:

Altar at Day of the Dead Festival in Oakland 2007

Sugar skulls at the Day of the Dead festival in Oakland

Tonight I’m planning to visit Crafty Wonderland at the Museum of Contemporary Craft to make and decorate my clay skeleton, hooray!

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