Shared Route July 10, 2007

Our wireless is apparently back after a week of on-and-off (mostly off) glitchiness, thank goodness… it’s a hundred degrees out and I just don’t think I could head over to a coffee shop to check my email like I have for the last few days. My inborn Southern ability to tolerate this kind of blazing heat has completely slipped away after ten years. It’s so nice to finally upload some pictures and post again (at least for the moment!), and I’m working on my long-overdue getcrafty column too.

Today I saw a flyer for Shared Route and I’m so intrigued: a biodiesel-powered shuttle between Portland and Seattle, how cool! I am definitely hoping to head up to see the new McLeod show, and Kayte is coming to visit in a few days by way of Seattle, too, so maybe one of us can post a real-life review soon. It sounds awesome, and pretty cheap too — I love the train but it can be spendy (not to mention late).

here are the shuttle details:

shared route 1

shared route

shared route

and here are the McLeod details too!


I swear I’ll have some crafty stuff to post soon — most of my projects are in progress but I should be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel one of these days, I’m looking forward to it…

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