Color Week catch-up July 6, 2007

I seem to have accidentally taken a little posting vacation this week — but between the holiday, general busy-ness, and an agonizingly slow wireless connection it was kind of nice to skip a couple of days! So here is my four-day Color Week catch-up, in order, along with a few bits and pieces of stuff going on in town this weekend…

Tuesday: Green

I’ve probably mentioned about a thousand times that Andrew and I got married at the old Contemporary Crafts Museum, I really love that place. Well, the museum itself is moving to a spectacular new space on the NW Park Blocks (and re-opening July 22), but in the meantime they are hosting a sale this Saturday of artwork, furniture, displays and ephemera as a farewell to 3934 SW Corbett. We’ll be there for sure — I would love to find one last souvenir and maybe snap a few photos.

Sale at Contemporary Crafts Museum

Wednesday: Yellow

I just found out that one of my photos of San Francisco was chosen for the newest edition of the Schmap guide to the city! I visited the Museum of Craft and Folk Art on my birthday this year (and wrote it up for the Adorn blog) and snapped this picture. I love the gorgeous jolt of yellow in the middle of the sleek silvers and grays.

Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco

Thursday: Orange

Speaking of birthdays, someone tagged the ugly billboard across the street on Andrew’s 34th last week, within hours of the new Corona ad going up, and our view was vastly improved for a few days… but of course it couldn’t last, and “relax responsibly” is back now. I’m glad I got a picture at least.


Friday: Blue and Purple

Crafty Wonderland is this weekend and I’ll be there with new button necklaces, skirt kits, and signed copies of Super Crafty! Please stop by and say hi if you’re in town, and make yourself a matchbox shrine at the DIY table.

Crafty Wonderland summer!

Crafty Wonderland summer!

artwork by Ryan Berkley

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