Martha at Michaels May 1, 2007

The Martha Stewart Crafts line officially launches at Michaels today! When I was in North Carolina last week, my mom and I stopped by the Capital Blvd. Michaels to pick up some fun art supplies for my nephew’s visit, and I got a tantalizing peek at the Martha aisle-to-be…

Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels

Sadly, I missed the unveiling of all the new merchandise there by a day so all I’ve seen yet is the empty shelves and logos galore, but I did hear a few tidbits about it: first, that the price tags are vanilla instead of the typical Michaels yellow (so Martha!), and also that the Sunday-paper coupons can’t be used on any of the MSC items, unfortunately. Amy and Sally both have awesome real-life reviews up (with pics!) so be sure to check those out. I am not allowing myself to go shop while my craft room is in its current state (a deep, dark forest of boxes), but as soon as things are relatively together I am heading straight over!

Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels

I got a press release about the line last week that mentioned some of the cool things Martha has dreamed up:

•Scrapbooking materials ranging from sophisticated, exclusive designs
of papers to charming embellishments.
•Beautifully bound albums, frames, and keepsakes boxes to help
preserve memories artfully.
•Craft kits that allow adults and children to make easy-to-do projects
with adorable results.
•Pretty food packaging that makes giving homemade gifts from the
kitchen or garden easy, with boxes, bags, and wrappers.
•Gift wrap, tissue paper, ribbons, invitations, and more for holidays,
weddings, showers, and birthdays.

There are also “56 colors of markers and pens, 30 colors of glitter (yay!), and 17 varieties of adhesives and tapes. There are 38 specialized tools in the product line, including craft punches, three sizes of scissors, and a bone folder*, one of Martha’s favorite tools for making perfect folds and creases.”

*When I saw Martha speak at CHA in January, she didn’t give a whole lot away about the new products, but she did mention the bone folder as an all-time personal fave!

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