spring sewing projects: finished! April 2, 2007

I just wrote these up for Adorn, but I wanted to show pictures of my latest sewing projects, which I worked on this weekend after retrieving my sewing machine from deep storage. I haven’t had much time to sew lately (for months, actually) so it was exciting to actually pull off a few things.

I finished my first log cabin pillow on Saturday! I love looking at it, I’ve been intimidated by quilting for years and was so nervous I’d screw it up somehow. But I didn’t, and here it is on my couch. Yay!

finished log cabin pillow!

I machine-quilted it with rust-colored thread and made an overlapping back with light-brown-and-off-white measuring-tape fabric. It’s about 15 inches across, so it’s a nice size for sitting with, and I like how much of the fabrics show. I still need to sew the back on my other log cabin, which is quilted (with white thread) and waiting for me in Los Angeles.

me with new skirt, hairband, and log cabin pillow
(this photo is from 8:30 this morning, before Andrew left for work, so excuse the crazy hair and etc.)

I also made my Sew U skirt with the olive cord on Sunday, and did a few little pattern hacks to customize it along the way. I made the outer lines slightly more straight/a-line instead of curved, and added a little button tab to the top of the back zipper:

adding a little button tab to the back zipper

I just cut two 1-inch by 2-inch pieces of corduroy, sewed them right-sides together, flipped them right-sides out, top-stitched it, and tucked it into the zipper seam. (By the way, the pin is only on the outside to show where it goes — I sewed it with the pins inside, like usual.) Then I hand-sewed a tiny snap under the tab and stitched the button on to make it cute.

I also shortened the skirt by a few inches and turned that extra fabric into a long, skinny headband/belt — another super easy switch, just sew it right sides together, turn it right-side out, and top-stitch all the way around.

Hooray for starting my next two months of Wardrobe Refashion off right!

update: Speaking of sewing, congratulations to Kayte for her Softie Award in the Food category! Love the burger and fries.

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