Vintage button love March 29, 2007

I adore vintage buttons, so I was really excited to see that Sally of Shim + Sons is organizing a new vintage button swap! You have to sign up by 5:00 pm tomorrow and send out by April 13 — all the details are here. I can’t wait — as a matter of fact, I just went to the Melrose flea market on Sunday and found all these buttons from a vendor there for $10, so I can easily pick out 12 nice ones to send out. So if you turn out to be my swap partner, be sure to let me know what your favorite colors are!

My vintage buttons from the Melrose flea market

My button obsession started early — this is a page from my favorite book* as a kid, which I swear has shaped my whole life. I vividly remember how much I loved arranging and rearranging my button and trinket stash. I kept them all in jars, but the matchbox-shoebox lid idea is a good one too.

Buttons and Buckles

And of course I’ll definitely have to stop by the Button Emporium and Ribbonry for a scouting expedition — not that I need any more buttons, but you never know…

*more on this tomorrow

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