Martha Stewart: a good thing just got better*! March 13, 2007

Thanks SO much to decor8 for the heads up that Martha Stewart has a brand-new website! I absolutely love it. She’s added tons of great resources (videos, recipes, crafts, homekeeping stuff, and a daily tip) throughout. And if you’re a super fan like me, you won’t want to miss the website tour, hosted by Martha herself and located on the center left of the homepage. One warning: it’s about five full minutes long and has near-constant audio, so you may want to wait until you’ve got some time to yourself, unless you are surrounded by fellow MSL fans.

They meet again
Pink Craftie and Martha at the CHA show

The tour is pretty cool though — it covers the homepage and lots of the new features and how to find this or that project, recipe, tip, or recommendation within the new structure of the site. There’s tons of new how-to video up, too, which is perfect if you want to see just how Martha and Jennifer Garner made those strawberry-buttercream cupcakes on her TV show.

Meanwhile, I just got the new Blueprint and loved it, and I can’t wait to make the good-looking dish on the cover of this month’s Everyday Food. Viva Martha!

*the new tagline for the site… I think it’s really cute.

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