eating and drinking TJs style March 12, 2007

I’m a huge fan of Trader Joe’s and I generally love their in-house stuff. But this morning when we went grocery shopping I was beyond excited to see a new instant favorite: Tuna in Green Curry Sauce! We bought four boxes. I love the red panang curry version, which is the best, cheapest, and fastest lunch in my repertoire — perfect when I’m busy and hungry. If you haven’t tried the TJ’s tuna curries yet (there’s also a yellow one with potatoes), they’re only $1.39 for a generous serving and so easy to make.

Trader Joe's tuna curries--love them both

We had the new green curry version for lunch with spinach and rice and it was excellent. The instructions say to boil it in the bag but I always open it up, saute it in a pan with vegetables (this time I added a double handful of baby spinach) and heat it through. It’s perfect over rice, or the package suggests that you can “try it on a hearty bread for a memorable, Thai-inspired sandwich” which doesn’t sound quite as good to me.

On another note, I buy most of my wine at Trader Joe’s (my current favorite is the Old Moon Zinfandel) and really like the suggestions from John G. at Quaffability, a blog devoted to reviewing affordable wines, mostly from TJ’s. There are even ultra-handy categories like TJ’s Under $6, $6-12, and over $12 so you can sort his picks depending on your price range.

I also spotted another fun drinky thing today: the new Blueprint blog (which I’m liking a lot) posted a easy, delicious-sounding recipe for one of my all-time favorite cocktails, the Dark and Stormy. Must get decent spicy ginger ale and try it… the photo she posted is so enticing.

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