Happy valentine’s day! February 14, 2007

I hope you are having an absolutely lovely one. As for me, I’m in the middle of a fairly normal Wednesday (laptop, errands, rinse, repeat) with a bright spot in the afternoon: getting to hang out with Melissa and Sam! My romantic plans consist of talking to Andrew at each commercial during LOST tonight — keeping my fingers crossed that my replacement cell phone comes in today’s mail. So to get a bit more in the spirit of the day I thought I would post something pretty and Valentine-y.

heart handkerchief

I embroidered this handkerchief for Meredith‘s birthday last year and really liked the hearts. I love vintage handkerchiefs and have a little stash tucked away for just the right project. And soon my collection will be getting a super cool boost: I’m picking up my handkerchief-printed fabric from Superbuzzy this week! Looking so forward to that.

I wish I could post some photos from the valentine-making party last night but sadly I seem to have left my camera cord in LA, so instead you’ll get to see them next week. It was so much fun — forty people came to hang out and make cards. Thank you to Laurel and the Hollywood Library for hosting us!

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