Wardrobe Refashion-ing in action! February 6, 2007

Unusually for me, I’m behind a corporate firewall that’s blocking flickr (?!) while I’m working in Connecticut this week, so it looks like this may be a picture-free space until Saturday… when I’m heading home just in time for Lisa Congdon‘s opening at ReForm School.

So since I can’t actually post any of my own photos, this week is the perfect time to link to other people’s cool stuff so you can see their beautiful pictures. (That is, if you’re not behind a firewall too… sigh.)

Since I joined Wardrobe Refashion last week, I haven’t had time to actually make anything yet, though I have tons of ideas… but I am kind of proud of myself for spending two days in New York without a thought of stopping at H+M. That’s something at least! But in the meantime, my friends have been busy, and I’d love to show off their super cool re-dos:

Linda made this beautiful quilted reversible skirt, using the blocks she made at her Denyse Schmidt class… love it.

Kayte made a pretty heart applique for her plain market tote bag, which I got to see in person this weekend.

Nancy made this amazing spring dress using fabric from her stash and parts of two very different patterns.

And of course the Wardrobe Refashion blog is full of cool projects! I’m so inspired to hang out with my sewing machine when I get home.

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