swap meets, San Diego style January 5, 2007

Andrew and I zipped down to San Diego for a quick Christmas-in-January visit with my super fun in-laws Alex and Heather this week. They took us all over town, from the seal beach in La Jolla to the magnificent Turf Club, a very Portland-type place where we grilled our own dinners. How Portland was it? Well, Andrew actually ran into his old roommate, who he hadn’t seen for nine years, working at the bar. And then right before we had to leave for LA, we all headed over to Kobey’s Swap Meet at the Sports Arena.

I’m usually not the biggest fan of mostly-new-stuff flea markets, but this one was great, with some killer odds and ends mixed into the dollar-store merchandise. I found a framed black velvet painting of two horses for $3 and a vintage charm bracelet for $5, and not one but two super cheap multipacks of markers, from two different vendors…

Skerples vs. Staunions
…the $1 packs of bold-point “Skerples” are on the left, and the $3 packs of fine-point “Staunions” are on the right. How could I resist?! I almost went for the 2 for $5 Staunions deal but Andrew talked some sense into me at the last second, since I’d already purchased three packs of dollar Skerples. I love cheap craft supplies, maybe a little too much.

On a Friday there were probably 30 sellers and it’s 50¢ to get in, but on the weekends it sounds like it’s about six times as big, and the admission skyrockets to $1. It’s in front of the ultra spaceship-py Sports Arena, with free parking all around the building.

Kobey's on a Friday

If you go:

Kobey’s Swap Meet
3500 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego
Friday through Sunday, 7am – 3pm

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