the Kim family benefit art + craft auction January 3, 2007

the kim family benefit art + craft auction

The Kim family auction is now live on eBay, with 48 amazing pieces of handmade art and craft up for sale to the highest bidder. 100% of the proceeds go to the James Kim Memorial Fund, so bid early and often!

Christina recently did a lovely interview for SFist with Lisa Congdon, who co-organized the sale with her sister and her mother.

Here are three of my favorite pieces:
Three of my favorite pieces from the Kim family benefit auction
Knitted Robot by Jess Hutchinson, Patchwork Pillow by Lisa Congdon, White Matte Stoneware Bottles by Sara Paloma

but I have my eye on six altogether, including prints from Jill Bliss and all kinds of cool stuff donated by ReForm School.

More information on the auction, the artists, and the fund can be found here:

Kim Family Auction blog
James Kim Memorial Fund
Lisa Congdon interview

Update: the auctions were temporarily taken down and the bids erased (!) but everything is back up now. So if you bookmarked or watched any of the original auctions, the URLs have changed, fyi.

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